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With the demanding and hectic schedule of today’s modern lifestyle, more and more people are suffering from stress and fatigue. You don’t have to let the pressure and anxiety build up in you. Whatever type of therapeutic work needed, I will ensure that I am always within your comfort level. I truly believe in finding the right therapeutic edge for each individual client at Keep in Touch, LLC in Roanoke, Virginia. 

How the Company Began

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2013. With my skills and experience, I provide therapeutic services to my clients.

When the spa that I used to work for shut down, I decided to expand my horizons and start my own business. I established Keep in Touch, LLC in Roanoke, Virginia with the goal of providing effective treatments for my clients. I want clients to learn how to listen to their bodies so that they know what they need and take better care of themselves.

My Mission Statement

My company’s goal is to provide therapeutic bodywork for health-minded individuals. By providing individuals with a personalized massage to address their specific needs, clients will be encouraged to better understand their body’s needs. I ensure a professional, ethical, and nurturing environment.

My Vision Statement 

I will strive to be the best massage therapist in the Roanoke Valley and provide effective pain relief and recovery. I will help educate and encourage the practice of healthy lifestyles. I will demonstrate a professional, trusting, and relaxing environment and will be known for being knowledgeable, reliable, and comforting. 

About the Company Founder

My name is Ashley Brummer, and I am a licensed massage therapist who helps clients unwind with a variety of services, from relaxation-based treatments like the hot stone massage to therapeutic-based ones like the medical massage and cupping therapy. I provide treatments that target your body's different needs.

I started my career as a licensed massage therapist at the Virginia Board of Nursing in April 2013. From there, I became a medical massage practitioner at the LMT success group and a contemporary cupping therapist at the International Cupping Therapy Association. I also have certifications for prenatal and pediatric massage.

I strive to help everyone who comes to my door and wants to live a pain-free lifestyle. My goal is achieved through the application of my wide-ranging “tool bag” of therapeutic techniques, including the trained use of stretching, myofascial decompression, broad muscle compression, and many more. With a passion for therapeutic massage, I enjoy blending in relaxation techniques and heat therapy.

My prenatal and pediatric massage certifications also make me the ideal choice if you’re an expecting mother who just needs a little pampering or wants to bring a healthful bonding experience between parent and child.

Whatever type of therapeutic work I do for you, I will ensure that I am always within your comfort level. I truly believe in finding the right therapeutic edge for each individual client.

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